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UNAA Comps Australia
Code of ethics and conduct


By registering for UNAA Comps Australia competitions or other events organised and/or associated with UNAA Comps Australia, I (and my parents if I am under the age of 18) agree to the following:

  1. Obey UNAA Comps Australia’s code ethics and conduct as per the entirety of this document.

  2. Conduct myself in an honest, ethical, and law-abiding manner.

  3. Abide by all UNAA Comps Australia rules and regulations.

  4. Abide by all host gym rules and regulations.

  5. Treat fellow competitors, officials, parents, spectators, and anyone else present with respect.

  6. Accept and abide by any penalties received if I breach this code of ethics and conduct.

  7. Have my photo taken by officials during the event and posted on social media unless I advised officials otherwise. 

Personal behaviour and standards during UNAA Comps Australia competitions and associated events 
  1. Always display respectful behaviour and high personal standards.

  2. Never consume alcohol or substances which may impact judgment, performance, or behaviours while engaged in UNAA Comps Australia competitions and/or associated events.

  3. Never compete with a blood alcohol level above 0.05 for those aged 18+ and 0 for those under 18.

  4. Do not display offensive or inappropriate images, objects, or other materials, including on clothing.

  5. Do not make offensive remarks, jokes, gestures, derogatory or suggestive comments, or call people by offensive nicknames. 

  6. Do not use intimidation or unnecessary aggression.

  7. Do not disparage other athletes, teams, clubs, gyms, officials and/or volunteers.

  8. Accept success or failure with dignity and grace.

  9. Do not engage in behaviour that is defamatory or slanderous towards UNAA Comps Australia and/or their officials and volunteers.

  10. Do not spread rumours.

  11. Do not malign others.

Social Media
  1. Do not post or make comments on social media that may cause harm to UNAA Comps Australia’s brand, reputation, or associated events.

  2. Do not post anything in relation to, or in reference to UNAA Comps Australia and/or UNAA Comps Australia events that may offend, upset, hurt, malign, bully, or otherwise negatively impact any UNAA Comps Australia officials, athletes, volunteers, parents, spectators, and/or gyms.

  3. Do not write negative comments on any posts associated with or about UNAA Comps Australia, UNAA Comps Australia officials, athletes, volunteers, parents, spectators and/or gyms.

  4. Do not write passive aggressive comments on posts associated with or about UNAA Comps Australia, including about officials, athletes, volunteers, parents, spectators, and/or gyms.

  5. Personal behaviour standards, as listed in the section above, also apply to social media in relation to UNAA Comps Australia.

  1. Do not carry out unnecessary touching.

  2. Do not engage in unwelcome flirting or sexual advances and never with a child.

  3. Do not engage in humiliating or embarrassing behaviours including ‘hazing.’

  4. Do not bully, intimidate, harass, or discriminate against any individual or group.

  5. Do not engage in practices which are known to be harmful to the physical or psychological wellbeing of a person (i.e. restricted access to food and fluids).

  6. Adults must never

    1. Engage in sexual misconduct with a child.

    2. Ask a child to keep any communication secret or communicate privately with a child online without a copy to parents or guardians.

    3. Be in a change room area, toilet, or other private or unattended place alone with a child (apart from your own child/child you are guardian of).

    4. Always promptly report concerns of abuse or neglect of a child or adult at risk.

  1. Always act in accordance with the law.

  2. Inform Sports Integrity Australia and UNAA Comps Australia if you are arrested or charged with a criminal offence.

  3. Do not compromise other athletes or the sport by contravening rules to gain an unfair advantage, including improper use of supplements, drugs, or medicine.

  4. Avoid conflicts of interest.

  5. Refrain from betting or promotion of betting activity regarding the competition.

Respecting the host gym
  1. Always follow the host gym’s rules and regulations, including signing their waiver(s).

  2. Always treat the host gym’s equipment with respect. This includes refraining from kicking, throwing or otherwise abusing equipment in anger or frustration.

  3. Do not vandalise the host gym’s equipment, facilities, structures, or anything else belonging to or within the host gym’s premises. 

  4. Do not use obstacles in an unsafe manner, including without safety matting or other safety equipment where required.

  5. Do not take anything from the host gym that does not belong to you.


As Australia is a signatory to the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport, UNAA Comps Australia follows the World Anti-Doping Code. Therefore, performance enhancing drugs are prohibited

If you are suspected of doping, you could be subject to anti-doping testing as outlined by Sport Integrity Australia. If you are found to be in breach of the World Anti-Doping Code, sanctions will be applied by Sport Integrity Australia.

Breaches of this code of ethics and conduct 

In the event this code of ethics and conduct is breached, UNAA Comps Australia will apply penalties to the breacher which will vary depending on the severity of the offence. Some penalties will be immediate, such as expulsion from the competition and/or immediate removal from the premises. 

Other breaches require investigation with a penalty applied upon investigation conclusion. Penalties can include an apology (public or private), a ban from competitions for a certain length of time, and/or competition disqualification. Penalties of this nature will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis. If the offence is extremely severe, such as sexual misconduct with a minor, a lifetime ban will be issued (in addition to reporting the incident to police and all other relevant authorities).


For minor breaches, warnings will be given. On the third warning within a season, the breacher will be required to leave the premises immediately. If the breacher hasn’t yet competed and has received a third warning during a competition, the breacher will receive a score of 0 and a time of 0.00 and will not be given a refund. Warning counts will reset at the beginning of the next season. 

Records of warnings, breaches of this code of ethics and conduct, and penalties will be kept by UNAA Comps Australia.

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