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UNAA Comps Australia RESULTS


Results are updated after each competition. In Local Qualifiers, athletes in each class are awarded points based on their placing. 1st place is awarded 5 points, 2nd is awarded 4 points, 3rd 3 points, 4th 2 points, and everyone else is awarded 1 point. If athletes go to multiple Local Qualifiers in one state, their points from each qualifier are added together to give an overall score. Overall scores will be used to determine the run order at Area Qualifiers. The athlete in each class with the highest score will run last. The athlete with the second highest score will run second last, and so on. 

At the Regional Qualifier, those who train at the host gym will run first, followed by those who reside in the host state, followed by everyone else, in random order. 

Season 1 results can be found HERE

Season 2 results can be found HERE

Season 2 Ninja Master leaderboards can be found HERE

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