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Regionals information

Regionals 2024 has been set! This year, we are doing something very different - we hired a HUGE indoor arena within one hour of Sydney CBD called K Ranch Arena. The arena is usually used for rodeos and horse events, but it will be perfect for Regionals. We just need to add some truss (which we hired from professionals) and we will have a course that is 70m long in a straight line. The course will have a truss section, then a gap for balance obstacles, then a truss section, repeat, across the length of the arena. EVERYONE will be able to see the course as there is grandstand seating for 500 people.

We so excited for this year's Regionals! Below is an abundance of information (or download the PDF version for clickable links to the caravan rental businesses, hotels, etc:

Regionals info
Download PDF • 6.99MB

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