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UNAA Comps Australia athletes heading to World Series Finals

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Congratulations to all our WNAG athletes who earned a spot at the UNAA World Series Finals and the Ninja World Cup in Florida, USA next month. Events are part of the Obstacle Sports Expo which incorporates multiple ninja leagues and events into a week-long event at the Orange County Convention Centre.

Not sure how or where you qualified? You can log on to your Ninja Master account and click on "my athletes." If you have multiple athletes on your account, click on the athlete you want to check. Scroll down to "qualifications." Under qualifications, you will see a list of your qualifications. Below is an example:

This person is qualified to compete in the WNAG finals and the UNAA World Series Finals. Additionally, anyone who qualified for the UNAA World Series Finals can also compete in the Ninja World Cup, but that will not show up in qualifications. Anyone can compete in the Ultimate OCR.

The first event you qualify through to attend the UNAA World Series Finals is the event that will show up under qualifications. This person qualified for the World Series Finals at a WNAG event.

You can also check to see if you are qualified for the World Series Finals here: If your name has a tick next to it, you are qualified. Click on the little information icon on the right of your line to see which event you qualified through.

If you are still unsure if you have qualified to compete in the WNAG finals at worlds, you can check via the international WNAG leaderboard. If your name has a tick next to it, you have qualified. You can check here:

Athletes who qualified to attend events at the Obstacle Sports Expo (worlds) through UNAA Comps Australia, are not required to wear a uniform when competing, on podiums, or any other time.

The following athletes qualified to attend the UNAA World Series Finals through UNAA Comps Australia:

7U Female

Lucy Keevy

Polly Wilson

Ivy Fearnside

Mika Coombe

7U Male

Ronan Pietzch

Hendrix Staley-Lobo

William Abreu

Lincoln Van der Meer

9U Female

Melody O’Donoghue

Josephine Sheean

Maisy Mock

Molly Cassell

Zoe Ackerley

Hunter Hollingsworth

Jordyn Stevens

9U Male

Ziggy Staley-Lobo

Daniel Jolley

Lenny Jansz

Arthur Hall

Mason Goldsmith-Carter

Spencer O’Donoghue

11U Female

Charli Stevens

Casey McLaren

Tara Pietzch

Elsie Osbornes

Quinn Thorn

11U Male

Oliver Maughan

Jayden Jolley

Nico Zandona

Malachi Chown

Jaden Hack

Cody Coombe

Zac Whitehill-Field

Jasper Loch

Maxim Bull

Byron Abreu

Oliver Hojrup

13U Female

Ashleigh George

Millie Baker

Abbie Mortimer

Emilyclaire Bond

13U Male

Joshua Rankin

Jett Callanan

Jonathan Lintoo

15U Female

Charli Sewell

Abbey Cutts

Stevi Sewell

Skye Warkotz

15U Male

Hunter Maughan

Alexander Cox

Mitchell Townend

Callum Smith

AM Female

Ally Rogers

Amy Gorton

Sabrina Johnstone

AM Male

Harrison Desborough

Aaron Pietzch

Matt Murray

Kobi Morris

Timothy Resnick

Pro Male

Saxon Johnstone

Ash Campbell

Lochie Lydom

Jake Baker

Savva Hilellis

Michael Mischevski

Cruze Morley

Masters 40+ Female

Mireille Goyette

Michelle Callanan

Masters 40+ Male

Shayne McLaren

Steven Johnstone

If your name is not on the list and should be, don't panic. We checked the lists on Ninja Master manually and some could have been missed in the manual checking process. Please let us know if your name should be on this list and we double check and add if correct.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let us know.

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